Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ESPN Announces New Programing Lineup

Denise Austin,Tony Randall, Chuck Norris, and Suzanne Somers are coming back to ESPN Programing. ESPN has decided to bring back paid programming to fill their 24 hours of coverage across ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN News.

“We finally realized how difficult it is to fill the 24 hours news cycle on 3 cable networks. Customers can only hear about Brett Farve’s retirement and penis so many times throughout the day” Said one ESPN rep

ESPN has decided to fill 8 of the 24 hours on ESPN and ESPN 2 with Paid Programming. Only live games will override the planned change of paid programming so no worries WAC Football fans. In addition to the paid programming, ESPN will add coverage of previously seen on ESPN 3 to regular cable TV. This will mean addition games and additional sports genres will be added. Sports like Men’s rugby will once again appear on ESPN.

One ESPN network executive warned that network favorites such as First and Ten, Around the Horn, SportsNation will be terminated with extreme prejudice. The Sports Reporters and Pardon the Interruption are expected to be retained. ESPN News is expected to run highlights and news for 24 hours straight. ESPN Classic will remain largely unchanged.

Fan reactions were mixed. Jimmy from Jersey said I won’t be able to get through my day without breaking stories such as Deron Williams may play in Turkey if there is an NBA lockout. This is something that needs to be discussed every five minutes and every ESPN personality should give his opinion on the matter. The paid programming and actual live sports events will severely cut into discussion time.

Doyle from Texas had another take. I cannot stand to watch ESPN unless there is a live event I need to see. This new programming initiative should be positive because things cannot get any worse then they are right now. Paid programming with the bottom line running across the bottom of the screen sounds like a plan. I just want sports news and live events the talking heads must be stopped.

ESPN is expected to phase in the new changes starting August 1 of this year.

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