Friday, July 22, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing

Do not propose or get married in your favorite place.  Michigan recently announced that you can have your wedding ceremony and reception at Michigan Stadium (The going rate is $6K for a one hour ceremony).  While Michigan is certainly not the first team to offer weeding ceremonies and they have yet to build a cemetery near by like FC Schalke 04,  I suggest you stay away.  Cynics and glass half empty types like myself warn you not to disrupt the force of a place you love for someone you love.  Not only is it usually a bad idea because the girlfriend or finance will hate you for it but say things go wrong.  Let's break it down.

You propose:  She says no.  You have a very unwanted memory drudged up every time you watch your team play.  The situation is intensified when you enter the stadium.

You get married on the fifty yard line.  She divorces you.  Denard Robinson breaks free into the secondary, 40, 45, your ex wife is banging your best friend.  Do not mess with a good thing.  It's bad enough thinking heartbreaking losses, don't torture yourself further.

Seriously though I would be curious if an actual marriable girl would want to get married inside a stadium? 

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