Friday, September 30, 2011

5 for Saturday

I went 1-4 last week and couldn't even remember who I picked.  This comes without even consuming actual moonshine in West Virginia last weekend.  Well at 7-13 on the season you might as well call me McDonald, aka mush.  There is a long way to go but I will take a winning week at this point.


Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (-3) JerryWorld Noon ESPN

Well I lost picking both teams last week but at least A&M choked in the second half so there's that.  Here is an SEC preview matchup for next year and probably something that develops into a decent rivalry between bordering states.

Auburn @ South Carolina (-10.5) 3:30 CBS

Asking for the Gamecock to win by more than 10 may seem like alot of points to give, but Auburn's D has ceded alot of points to everybody this season so the Gamecocks should be able to score 40 points.  Something tells me that after last years beatdowns that Auburn provided, Spurrier won't have any problem stepping on Chizik's throat.

Clemson (+7) @ Va Tech 6PM ESPN

You might as well chalk this up as a lose because if you bet on Clemson your asking for it.  However, it seems that this mistrust of Clemson is built into the line.  Clemson is getting a full touchdown on the road and they are trying to keep their momentum rolling, nobody every knows what Clemson is going to do but I'll take the points.

Alabama @ Florida (+4.5) 8PM CBS

I have gone back and forth on this one but A.J McCarron has to prove he can play on the road in the SEC before I can back him hear.  Florida should at least be able to hang tough and keep this a game deep into the 4th.

Nebraska @ Wisconsin  (-10) 8PM ESPN

If your not going to be watching baseball, you shouldn't miss this one.  It should be a shootout on the ground. 600 rushing yards for the game wouldn't shock me.  I'm banking on their being enough points in this one to create seperation.  Welcome to the Big Ten Nebraska get ready to take a few lumps.

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  1. We have the same 5 games and are different on 3 picks...should bring some juice to our little competition this weekend.