Monday, April 4, 2011

You Do Not Do This At the Gym

  • Curl at the Squat Rack- You squat at the squat rack and maybe a few other things but you don't ever curl here.
  • Distract or make anyone think they have to move mid set- This happens mostly by the dumbells, but how dare you interupt or disrupt my set because you can't wait 30 seconds.
  • Take up more space than you deserve-  This applies to occupying more sq.ft than you need to do your workout
  • Occupy multiple machines while working out-  I'm all for people mixing up there workouts and maxmizing the time they have to spend at the gym, however if the gym is crowed you can't bench, do pull-ups, and use a leg machine at the same time.  When it's hard to get on equipment don't be a hog.
  • Wear wifebeaters or sleveless tees if your not big.  Personal philosophy is don't do this ever but some guys really are that big and its just more comfortable. You can't work on your tan at the gym.
  • Use Clips uneccesarily. Some people love weight clips and use them to compensate for their poor form.  You need clips to squat, you do not need clips to bench 135.  Get a spotter before you do this.
  • Throw the weights down- Unless your hang cleaning or dead lifting don't throw the weights.  It's annoying and your drawing attention to yourself.  You better be putting up some serious weight and have done something you havent done before if you want a celebratory throw down.
  • Read a Magazine-  I'm tired of it girls.  Why did you come to the gym to walk on the treadmill?  The only multitasking done at the gym is listening to music and working out at the same time.
I'm forgetting some so add in the comments.

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  1. +10000 for the last item especially. If you can read while you're doing cardio, you're not really doing cardio.