Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jim Rome Show: Jim Nantz Interview

Rome: Clones, we have a huge interview for you today, the biggest name in broadcasting, Mr. Jim Nantz.  Jim, welcome to the jungle.

Nantz: Thank you Jim, glad to be here

Rome:  Let's start with the NCAA Tournament. There was alot of upsets and it lead to a less than satisfying Championship game between the Butler Bulldogs and the UConn Huskies. Was that the worst championship game you have called?

Nantz:  The game was definitely went to the dogs, early and often.  Butler just couldn't hit any shots, and UConn's athleticism carried them in the second half.  Everyone talked about the dog fight coming in, and one thing was very clear in Houston, Connecticut won best in show.  It certainly wasn't one of the best finals but it was a great NCAA tournament.

Rome: How long do you think the NFL Labor strife will continue for?

Nantz: Well it is hard to say really.  Both sides would be crazy not to come to an agreement in the next month or so.  They need to be able to go full boar after draft, preferably even before it.  The last thing the NFL needs is a strike.  The strike will be over in short time frame.

Rome: What are you going to do with yourself if there are no NFL games?

Nantz:  I will probably play alot of golf (chuckles cautiously).  See Jim that's how you tee up a segway.

Rome:  Speaking of Golf, the Masters start today, who do you look forward to seeing?

Nantz: Well I think I am like everybody else, I look forward to seeing what Phil and Tiger are going to do.  It's wonderful to see all the old greats like Jack and Arnie.  It truly is a tradition unlike any other...not just in golf but in sports. 

Rome: How do you think Tiger is going to do? Can he get things rolling again and be the Tiger he was before his wife beat him with his own clubs?

Nantz:  Well boy do I know what a divorce feels like.  I think his wife took half his golf game too (nervous laughter).  I think Tiger will roar back this weekend at Augusta.   He lives for the Masters tournament, his career really took off here with his first major tournament victory.  The course suits him well and by the end of the tournament it wouldn't surprise me to see him battling for the green jacket.

Rome: So are you picking Tiger?  Or do you have someone else you are going with?

Nantz:  No I think Tiger will contend but I'm actually picking an upset this year.  I think an amateur will win the Masters and make history.  Lion Kim will be the king of the jungle. 

Rome: Nice. Well thank you for joining the program, your welcome back anytime, I always need show to fill.

Nantz:  Thanks and remember to watch the Masters on CBS.

The show continues after the break....

Rome:  Welcome back clones.  Big ups to Jim Nantz.  That guy is the man (dead air)..............................Let's go to emails.


I didn't get fired from CBS, I fagged out on Jim Nantz because of his brutal puns.

Signed, Billy Packer

Multiple sound bites play over and over again.

Rome:  Dead air...........Were going to have a monster smack off after the break.  Casper The unfriendly Ghost defends his title against Reid from his mother's basement.  Stayed tuned.

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