Saturday, October 22, 2011

5 for Sunday

Same deal as the NCAA - no columns the past two weeks but I promise I did get the picks in. And they were:

Week 5 (3-1-1)
NY GIANTS (-10) over Seattle
BUFFALO (+3) over Philadelphia
NY Jets (+9) over NEW ENGLAND
Green Bay (-6) over ATLANTA
DETROIT (-5.5) over Chicago

Week 6 (2-2-1)
Buffalo (+3) over NY Giants
GREEN BAY (-15.5) over St. Louis
WASHINGTON (+1) over Philadelphia
Carolina (+4) over ATLANTA
Dallas (+7) over NEW ENGLAND

So as we move into Week 7, a rather depleted schedule is waiting for us as several of the intriguing teams are on byes and several other matchups are just ugly. Home teams in CAPS.

Denver (pk) over MIAMI
Or, as this game should be called, The Tim Tebow Party. This game has actually been sold out in Miami due to all the Florida fans wanting to see their favorite son starting for the Broncos, and to boot, the 2008 Florida Gators National Championship team is going to be honored at halftime. The Dolphins quit in the second half against the Jets last week and I can't imagine them putting forth a much better effort when they see that 2/3 of their "home crowd" is rooting for Denver. God Bless.

Tampa Bay (+1) over Chicago (neutral site - London)
I must be crazy to be taking a side on this game, but I have little faith in the Bears this year despite them taking their turn at thrashing the Vikings last week. The Bucs' defensive weakness is through the air, but the Bears' biggest offensive weakness is protecting Jay Cutler. I think Tampa puts Cutler on his back enough and runs the ball well enough against a surprisingly soft Bears defense to squeeze this game out across the pond.

ARIZONA (+4) over Pittsburgh
Let me first say that I don't quite buy the Steelers yet this year, as they have let clearly inferior opponents such as Jacksonville and Indy hang around. Also, I think the Cardinals have to be a better team than what they've shown so far, and the bye week can only have helped Kevin Kolb get himself further indoctrinated with the offense. Even so, this is strictly a bet against the Steelers and against the thought of laying 4 points with them on the road in the desert.

Green Bay (-9) over MINNESOTA
Funny what a difference two years makes, right? This time in 2009, this line may very well have been flipped the other way around for a Packers-Vikings game in the Metrodome. Alas, it's 2011, and Christian Ponder is finally getting his first NFL start in place of Donovan McNabb. Ride the Packers until they falter, it's that simple.

NEW ORLEANS (-13.5) over Indianapolis
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Season: 16-10-4

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