Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Pacific

HBO's World War II miniseries came to a conclusion recently. There is alot more to this series than just explosions, graphics, and gore.  I feel as if reading at least one of the two memoirs upon which the series is based should be a prerequisite to viewing the show.  Personally, I read Eugene Sledge's memoir With The Old Breed while I was in college.  Aside from fighting for my freedom, Eugene Sledge also made college worthwhile to me, as his memoir is without question the most compelling aspect of my higher education experience.  Had I not gone to college, I truly doubt I would have been exposed to Sledge's work.  I strongly encourage those who follow this blog to give The Pacific a look.  At least read about  Eugene Sledge, Robert Leckie, or John Basilone  (**spoiler alert**). 
The series is a triumph in my opinion.  There are human stories behind the content of our history textbooks from high school.  America is certainly not perfect but where would you rather be.  These men endured hardship and terror beyond my comprehension.  The very least we can do for them is know their names and attempt to understand their story.  I enjoyed this series so much because it does not glorify war and violence.  Instead, it turns the audience off to violence.  The show makes you take a step back and reevaluate your outlook.  Personally, I read With The Old Breed before I saw The Pacific, and I feel it enhanced my appreciation and enjoyment of the show because I had a greater understanding of the characters.  The show is hard to follow early on, and reading the books first will make watching the series more worthwhile. 
I sleep comfortably in bed every night because great people than I sacrificed greatly for my well being.  They stood in harm's way so pussies like me don't have to.  However, I am sure they do not want me to be in harm's way.  I would imagine they would like for me to recognize their sacrifice and lead a life of purpose.  If one does not want to lead a life of purpose, then please acknowledge what others have done for you.  Memorial Day does exist for a reason beyond getting stinking drunk at the shore.  I certainly encourage people to enjoy their weekend, but don't lose sight of why the holiday exists.
I do not want to divulge any details of the show, so I will not get into detail.  There is something to be said for television of this caliber. It has significance.   I strongly encourage everyone to give the show a chance.

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