Thursday, May 13, 2010

Accidental Text Message Leads to Transfer

Shawn Lemon has decided to transfer from Akron University after receiving a text message from his coach that was not intended for him.   Lemon had been considering transferring when head coach Rob Ianello had been letting underclassmen take reps from the seniors in an effort to rebuild. Going into his senior season Lemon saw the writing on the wall and was mulling his future when he received a message from Ianelleo stating that he had tried to transfer before and may be doing it for attention.  The text message was obviously not intended to go to Lemon, but rather Athletic Director Tom Wistcrill.  Lemon was not happy to have received the message and went from considering transferring to transferring officially.

Surely some of you have sent accidental test messages before but probably not as bad as this.  I have.  I just purchased a new phone and was getting accustomed to using it.  I was texting a girl I had been seeing late at night and things were fine.  I woke up in the morning and regretted doing so.  A friend texted me and said how's (name redacted) doing?  I accidentally texted the girl thinking I was responding to my friend; "I texted her in a drunken text messaging rampage last night"  She responded "I guess its a good thing I didddnnnttt come overrr" because girls think its cute to text this way.  I apologized even though I didn't say anything too bad but needless to say we haven't hung out since.