Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where the Big 4 Fail

If your not completely satisified, please let us know. This a pharse used often is business but rarely taken seriously when a customer has a complaint.  Well the Seattle Sounders got the doors blown off them this weekend when then lost 4-0 to the L.A. Galaxy.  The Sounders probably have the best fans in the Major League Soccer and even outdrew the Seattle Mariners in average attnedence last season.  The ownership group apperciates their support and decided the fans would be refunded for the match.  Great business decsion and something I doubt we'd see in any of the four major sports in this country (Hawks Playoff Guarantee not withstanding).  Can you imagine the Sixers doing this? I wonder what they did for those who ponied up there money when AI came back only to see him play in a handful of games.  The Sixers made more money off ticket sales the the day AI was signed than what AI's salary was. But I'm guessing customers who complained where given the card subject to change line. (It's not the Sixers fault he didn't play but they can do something for the fans when a player goes AWOL. It is there fault for hiring Eddie Jordan.)

Major League Soccer is still growning and the publicity of a positive customer service decision helps the league.  Its also a quality thing to do for your loyal customers who have provided sellout after sellout.

Earlier in the English Premier League season, Wigan Athletic players personally refunded their fans who traveled to an away game. Wigan were defeated 9-1 by Tottenham and the players were so embarrassed by there performance they contributed roughly 1,000 pounds a piece to refund the fans.  Aren't things so much nicer when the players and ownership care even a little bit about their customers.  It's nice to know that some people still remember who their customers are and who is ultimately responsible for their salary. I'm looking at you Daniel Snyder, how about throwing some cash back to your loyal fan base instead of watching it burn in free agency.

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