Monday, August 2, 2010

Symbol of Our Love?

Before I move forward with this post,let me say that is one small step for a man, but one giant leap for blogkind as this is my first post from my iPhone. This is big for me because I am unable to blog from my place of business. I recently overheard a concersrion between two women about the cost of their friends engagement ring. In this particular case, some poor sap dropped $12,000 on his fiancĂ©es ring. What an abysmal waste of money. You can't live in a wedding ring, nor can you drive it, eat it, walk it, play sports with it,make phone calls with it, or use it in self defense. It's an inanimate object that only has value because women insist that the sucker they dupe into marrying them lay out ridiculous amounts of cash to prove they are committed. It's supposed to symbolize a couples love? Give me a break. It's a useless object. Think of All the better things couples could be spending their money on. Paying down a mortgage, saving for retirement, lavish vacations, clothes, anything that is at least more practical and fun. A ring is not fun. A woman wears it to keep other chumps away. What a ring on a woman's finger really says is that "I have a husband that has spent a lot of money and aggravation on me, and he would appreciate it if you would please stay the fuck away. Thank you". About a thousand bucks or so is all that should be required to get an adequate ring. It makes me particularly sick when people without the means go of the deep end price wise on a wedding ring. Why can't a healthy balance sheet and a nice house symbolize a couples love. Women cove these damn rings like that freaky gollom character from lord of the rings. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

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