Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hating the Past: Dumb Little Child

In Kindergarten, Dickie Noles came to our school for an assembly to tell us drugs were bad, mm'kay.  At one point during the assembly, Noles is giving away prizes.  He asks when did the Phillies win the World Series?  I didn't normally volunteer as a child in these situations but my hand sprang up.  Noles actually called on me, and even as a little guy I knew the answer.  "1980," I shouted.  Noles says that was correct, walk up here and get your copy of a 1980 World Series Program. I was proud that I knew the answer and proud that I won a prize.

I took the program home and was excited to show my parents.  My dad said to hold onto the program, which I did for a little while.  Collage Day game at school soon enough and guess which pictures I couldn't wait to put in my collage?  Unfortunately I was a dumb little child after all and cut apart a piece of memorabilia and posted next to glitter, stickers, and who knows what else.  Good news for me is the programs aren't worth much more today then they were in 1980. 

Kind of a nothing post I know, but you might find it interesting and think of something dumb you did when you were little, not matter how insignificant.

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