Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Only Thing Black at Colorado is Uniform

The financial woes at Colorado University are astounding.  First they can not afford to fire Dan Hawkins.  Then its so desperate for cash it agrees to a one time payment of $1.4 Million to play @ Ohio State with no return date back to Colorado.  Today, they appear destined to be picked on for two years instead of one by staying in the Big 12 through 2011.  This is because they cannot come to terms on reducing a $10 million buyout to exit the league. 

Colorado University has handled their finances so poorly over the last decade that they have been forced to retain a coach for at least one more year than they would like, play a body bag game when they are in a power conference, and remain in a league they choose to leave for two years.  Colorado needs your money so badly it will let you smash them with your pimp hand and call you daddy.  It has truly been a fall from grace for a program that has been good for so long (16th on all time win list).  Since the controversies of Gary Barnett, Boulder, CO has been in ruins.  (If anyone can find the clip of him talking about the female kicker, free beer for you)

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