Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tricky Names

The College of New Jersey is an excellent institution of higher learning. Yes, I am a graduate. During my time there, I came to notice something that the powers that be were hung up on, they wanted so badly to be Princeton. It was so evident. Granted, schools should strive to be like Princeton, but don't go so far as to take their old name as your own. Alot of the time, I felt as if TCNJ was Patrick bateman to Princeton's Paul Allen. Only students at tcnj have slightly better haircuts. Why can't people just have their own identity and be secure in that? Why is TCNJ being coy with their title? My suggestion for their next name change: Princetown University. Yes. Change the school colors to orange and black, and change the mascot to the Bengals. A mascot change to the tigers would be too obvious. Now, graduates of TCNJ can quickly say they went to Princetown and people won't have the balls to question whether they said Princetown or Princeton. There is nothing wrong with this. It's no different than the University of Hartford's similarity to Harvard.

Recently, my job title at work changed from financial services associate to financial professional associate. Salesman. I'm a salesman, if you want service go to a service or professional associate. If you want to buy something, come to me. When I pass my next test don't call me associate no more, advisor call me. But the point is, stop with the euphemistic titles. First of all, it's annoying to the people who have earned a legitimate title when unqualified people try to title themselves inappropriately. Second of all, you won't get away with bullshitting to the people you actually want to work with.
Professional sports. I realize that being paid to play a sport constitutes being a professional athlete, but don't tell me the Camden Riversharks and the Philadelphia Phillies are both professional baseball teams. In my opinion, professional sports is a category that describes the top level of a sport. In other words, when I say someone played professional baseball, I mean they played in the majors. If you played single-A that means you played in the minors, not professional baseball. That might work with the chicks, but don't try getting that weakass shit past me.

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