Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Rocky IV Drinking Game

Everyone loves pregaming. It's a science and an art form at the same time. But sometimes the usual mix of beer pong, flipcup, and whatever overrated card game is being played are not enough. This was the case back in the fall of 2004 on the campus of The College of New Jersey, at which time an idea was born, almost by accident. One night while watching Rocky IV and making Keystone Lights disappear, a few of us got to discussing how the fourth installment is so bad that it's good. What evolved over the early part of that semester is still talked about - and vehemently endorsed - today. The game is played as follows:

-Drink the entire time the robot is on screen
-Drink the entire time someone is down on the mat (yes, that includes when Apollo gets killed)
-Drink every time Paulie makes you laugh (i.e. every one of his lines in the movie)
-Drink every time Adrian is a huge bitch (i.e. every one of her lines in the movie)
-Drink every time Apollo's death is foreshadowed
-Drink for the duration of the "Living in America" scene before the Creed-Drago fight, or at least half a beer
-At least half a beer every time Ivan Drago speaks
-Drink every time Duke jumps over the top rope
-Finish your beer during the "No Easy Way Out" montage
-Half a beer or so during "Burning Heart" and the first Russia training montage
-Drink for the entire duration of the "Hearts on Fire" montage, and be prepared with a second side beer in case you finish your current beer
-Half a beer after Paulie's teary-eyed "You're all heart, Rock" speech before the Drago fight and into the Russian national anthem (because it's badass)
-Drink steadily during the Rocky-Drago fight (remember, Rocky gets knocked down about 30 times)
-Finish your beer at the end when Rocky gives the "If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!" speech

If played right, the game should yield you between 9 and 12 beers over the hour and 40 minute running time of the movie. It's pretty much a must to use light beer, as you'd assume. Also, be careful what you eat beforehand. Senior year in college, my buddy (and the game's co-creator) Collins once threw up that night's entire seafood dinner all over his shirt during "Hearts on Fire." But, true to form, we paused the movie, he cleaned himself up, and less than 5 minutes later he rejoined us, and not only finished the game, but set a still-standing record of 13 beers and change. Such is the level that the Rocky IV drinking game will inspire you to reach.

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  1. Ernie Bank's used to always say let's play two. Well Lou, My game consists of watching 60 minutes of Britney Spears music videos. We just can't play the game with Sean McDonough. He gets to touchy feely at the end of the game. I'm so drunk by this point that I just roll with it, and in the morning the only song in my head is "Opps I did it again"