Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 for Saturday

4-1 Last Week puts me back over .500. 28-26-1 on the season. 

Fresno State (+30.5) @ Boise State ESPN 8PM Friday

Yes this game has almost no chance to be interesting because Fresno State is having a down year, but I'm up for some Boise hate on a Friday night.  Boise State has to come out firing and will have the pressure on to score a point a minute to impress the voters.  If Fresno is in it at half I like my chances for them to hold on against the number.

Wisconsin (-5) @ Michigan ESPN Noon Saturday

You have two options here, lay the points and bet Wisconsin or take Michigan against the moneyline.  Michigan could win this game because they can light up any defense in the country, especially one that won't stack the box.  It's at home on a fast track where Wisconsin hasn't won since 1994.  They even surrendered a 19-0 lead as the #9 team in the country losing to an eventual 3-9 Michigan team the last time they played in Michigan Stadium.  The smart money still seems to be on Wisconsin here.  At the begining of the year you would have said they were at least the 2nd best team in the conference if not the best.  You are saying the same thing now.  It seems likely that Wisconsin will be able to pound the ball down Michigan's throat and execute cutbacks and play actions at will.  If there is hope for Michigan it is because for the first time under Rich Rod they will have virtually no pressure on them and can turn it loose. That and well a killer offense that is capable of scoring 30 points against the Badgers.

Ohio State (-3) @ Iowa 3:30 ABC

Last year's game was epic, even after Ricky Stanzi went down.  Iowa has the chance to play spoiler here and salvage what to Hawkeye fans (read delusional) has been a disapointing season.  I don't see it happening though.  A Ricky Stanzi pick six lets Iowa down one more time.

Virginia Tech (-2.5) @ Miami ESPN 3:30

Pam Ward is calling this game so mute your TV or be prepared do your best Vincent van Gogh impression.  As stated previously, in the land of the ACC roulette you always bet on Va Tech.  Even though they will still win the division whether they win or lose here, the play in Va Tech

Nebraska  @ Texas A&M (+3) 8 PM ABC/Gameplan

I'm not sure where to go here.  Texas A&M has been playing really well since changing QBs.  Nebraska is solid as a rock if not playing Texas.  Coin flip, ok A&M it is.  It's safe to say I wouldn't be picking this game unless I had too.

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  1. Vincent Van Gogh impression.....that might be the funniest thing I've read in quite a while