Monday, November 15, 2010

Contract Negotiations Between McNabb and Synder

NAGAYT has obtained the transcript of the conversation between Donovan McNabb and Daniel Snyder regarding his McNabb's contract extension with the Washington Redskins

McNabb:  You wanted to see me Mr.Snyder? 

Snyder: Yes, please sit down.

McNabb: Please do not fire me.  I promise I will lay off the fast food and go to the gym more often. 

Snyder: Fire you?  No way that's absurd.  I was hoping you would consider extending your contract with us.

McNabb:  Are you serious? I don't like practical jokes.

Snyder:  I'm super serial.

McNabb:  I'll sign.

Snyder: Don"t you want to hear the terms?

McNabb: O yes of course

Snyder: $78 million

McNabb: Done

Snyder: Don't you want to know the length of the deal?

McNabb: It doesn't matter, I assume its a lifetime deal and I will be doing everything from making shirts to tearing tickets eventually. Right?

Snyder: Hahaha, no.  It's five years and all you have to do is play football.

McNabb: You can't be serious.

Snyder: Wait there are incentives too. You can earn up to $88 million!

McNabb: Hahahaha. Where can I sign?

Snyder: Don't you want to read the fine print or call your agent?

McNabb: No, I'm not going to let you change your mind.

Snyder: Great that was the easiest negotiation since Albert Haynesworth!

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