Saturday, May 14, 2011


If you are not a devoted fan of the movie Rainman, stop reading now and go on living your life. If you have seen Rainman 10+ times, this post applies to you. I consider myself a huge Rainman fan. However, I was somehow totally unaware of a remake of the film that was released a mere 6 years after Rainman. For some reason they called the remake "Cobb" and tried to apply Rainman's plot to Ty Cobb's biopic. I will eventually post some scripts to certain Rainman scenes as if Ty Cobb were portraying Rainman. For now, here's a rundown of the similarities between the movie Rainman and Cobb:

1. Both films have extensive scenes in Nevada
2. Both straightmen (Cruise and Wuhl) use their counterpart for financial gain.
3. Both titular characters enjoy baseball.
4. Both titular characters possess savant baseball abilities. Cobb hit .367 liftime, Rainman knows everything about baseball. Literally.
5. Cobb's middle name is Raymond.
6. Cobb and Rainman are successful gamblers. Rainman had blackjack, Cobb had GE and coca-cola stock.
7. The characters portrayed by Wuhl and Cruise both experience relationship problems.
8. Both films entail an extensive roadtrip.
9. Cobb and Rainman both have medical problems. Cobb has diabetes, cancer, and hypertension. Rainman has autism.
10. Both Cobb and Rainman have encounters with prostitutes in Nevada.
11. Rainman and Cobb both end up in an institution of some sort.
12. Cobb and rainman suck at driving. Both movies have a scene in which the straightman chastises his counterpart for vehicular indiscretions.
13. Both straightmen eventually come around to their counterpart. Al Stump not as much as Charlie Babbitt.
14. Both movies have a scene in a Nevada casino, and the main characters are asked to leave.
15. Both movies have highly dramatic scenes in which it becomes evident the counterpart character cannot function on their own. In Cobb this scene is towards the end when Cobb is coughing up blood. In Rainman it's when Raymond nearly starts a fire.
16. Both counterpart characters are significantly older than the straightman.

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