Monday, May 9, 2011

Over Used Terms/Phrases/Cliches in Sports Media

So over at today a thread was started on the most annoying modern day media cliches.  I borrowed some of the better ones and created my own. Here is a brief list.
  • Using "Gate" to Describe Scandals
  • SEC Speed- You cannot be more ignorant if you say or believe this.
  • This is a bad time for an error/interception/fumble- When is a good time?
  • Giving 110%- This is most prominent in youth sports and pissed me off in my childhood.  100% will do fine
  • The kid has great motor, can tackle in space, can make all the throws, factor back, game changer, potential upside- Mel Kiper, FUUUUU
  • Describing white players as gritty, smart and tough. Black players as athletic and fast, and Hispanics as fiery
  • Comparing all White Receivers to Wes Welker
  • Calling Black Coaches in football class acts
  • ____ Nation.  It was bad enough with the Red Sox can we stop the epidemic from spreading
  • Finally _____team is back.  Last I checked Michigan Football is not back but I have heard it several times in the last couple seasons
  • Pluralizing Bostons Miamis, Dukes.  Sportscasters love to say team X is good but they won't be elite until they can beat the Alabamas of the world.  Last I checked you can't pluralize singular entities.
  • Remember there has to be indisputable video evidence to overturn the call.
  • The game is war- No it ain't
  • Manchester United is 18-0-1 when Wayne Rooney scores the first goal of the match.  Really I didn't think goals were so important in Soccer.
  • The other team didn't want it bad enough- Sometimes this is true but sometimes one team is better.  Really you don't think Butler wanted to win a National Title?  They probably just decided to mail it in.
  • Football:  This team needs to figure out how to make plays.
  • Baseball: He has a closer's mentality- He's crazy?
  • Any ESPN Catch phrase after 1996
  • Calling a Running Back a Home Run Threat, A baseball draft pick a slam dunk pick
  • Nicknaming anyone with Rodriguez as a last name as ____Rod
  • Using the term literally when you really mean figuratively.
  • He catches the ball at its highest point.- Actually far from it man.
  • College Sports: The kid gets in done in the classroom

Players say the same canned answers in interviews
  • One game at a time
  • I'm just happy to be here
  • I just want to help the team
When you don't have anything intelligent to say you regurgitate snippets of information and do not bother to research something intelligent to say.  The downsides of a 24 hour newscycle is you have to deal with more idiots in the media.


  1. "This guy loves to hit a fastball". Really? Personally I like to hit sliders while I'm off balance.