Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loaded Tickets: What Am I Missing?

Regular Ticket Price: $25             Loaded Ticket with $10 to Spend:  $35

I'm sure most people are familiar with loaded tickets by now but if not allow me to explain.  Many professional teams are offering regular tickets with money to buy concessions or souvenirs added on.  Except they are not offering a discount on concessions on these loaded tickets.  The customer is essentially prepaying for food and drink and games. 

If someone has actually purchased loaded tickets I would love to hear the advantages of it.  Why would you buy a gift card for yourself before entering the store.  You are committing to spending a set amount before heading into the store.  The only reason I can possibly see for ordering these loaded tickets is for kids.  If you want to give them a set amount to spend and when they are done you tell them that's it but even that is a stretch.

I'm sure I am overreacting as usual but I find the loaded tickets to be insulting to the intelligence of fans.  How dumb do the people who run these promotions think we are.  Maybe they suppose it can't hurt and perhaps they are right but perhaps they could offer loaded tickets at discounted rates and generate more revenue while supplying their fans with some value.

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