Monday, May 2, 2011

The Best Monday Ever

I was wearing my Clint Dempsey USA World Cup Jersey while watching the Phillies game with my roomates when Symon said Osama Bin Laden was dead and it took reading several reports to believe such wonderful news.  The United States Governement took the high road and gave Bin Laden a proper burial. I'm guessing there are some other things they wish they could have done to him.

Things we wished we could have done to Osama
  • Mount Head on spike and put in National Mall
  • Put Corpse at Ground Zero, allow families affected by 9/11 do as they please
  • Keep him alive, tour him around the country to be beaten
  • Force him to be on the set of Jersey Shore Season Four and have sex with Snooki
  • Hang him from The Empire State Building
  • Lock him in a room with Tim McCarver and force him to listen to old baseball stories
  • Lock him in the Octagon with Brock Lesnar for 5 minutes

Carmen Sandiego and Waldo will meet for the belt.

If you want some more laughs head over to
They were heavily influential for this thread and material was borrowed from there.

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