Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5 for Saturday

Every week I will pick five college football games against the spread.  Last year I was 25-23-2 so I can't promise I will be much help.  I typically pick the 5 games to watch provided by  I will only deviate from this if I am personally attending games, in which case I will be sure to include these games.

Pitt @ Utah (-3) 8:30 Versus Thursday

This seems like the smart play.  Utah has a fortress at home and Pitt are notoriously slow starters under Wanstasche.

Arizona @ Toledo (+15.5) 8 PM ESPN Friday

The first of two games we will be attending this weekend.  Toledo somehow managed to get Arizona to come to the Glass Bowl.  Arizona narrowly missed out on the Rose Bowl last year and are determined to achieve their goal this year. I know Toledo is expected to be a decent MAC team so maybe they will cover.

UConn @ Michigan (-3) 3:30 Saturday ABC

While its difficult to predict opening games, this one is almost guaranteed to see points in bunches.  Michigan's offense should be a top 20 offense this year, but the defense on paper looks the worst of the Rich Rod era.  UConn should be able to put some points up but doesn't appear to have a solid defense either.  Whatever bad happens on Saturday, at least one good thing will happen.  Brock Mealer will walk.

LSU(-1) vs. North Carolina 8 PM ABC in the abortion that is the Georgia Dome

Wow does this game look alot less appealing than it did when scheduled.  This teams are both under fire from the NCAA.  It's uncertain at this point who will be eligible to play. I'll take LSU to be the more ready of the two teams for this one.

Boise State  vs. Virginia Tech (+2.5) @ a stupid "neutral" site in Landover, Maryland Monday 8 PM ABC

Probably the most interesting Labor day Monday night football game ever staged. The last couple of years that's its been done its been painful to watch Florida State. Anyways I was surprised to see Boise State as an outright favorite in this game.  I was actually going to pick them to win but I can't see myself rooting for them. It's a de facto home game for Va Tech.  Maybe Bud Foster will have the defense ready enough to kill the Boise hype early this year.

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