Thursday, September 23, 2010


Could this kid pass as Ochocinco?

They are so many ways to rob and scam people.  When you think you have heard all the schemes, think again.  Try falsifying yourselfs as a fake national team to earn an upfront payday.  This is what happened in African soccer.  A former Togo national team coach approached the Bahrain Football Association with the idea to play an international friendly (exhibition game) in Bahrain.  Bahrain agreed to pay an undiclosed up front fee to the Togo national team to play.  The former Togo coach who was previosuly banned for pulling simialr hijinx in the past falsified documents from the Togo Fedreation to give the go ahead.  He provided the real Togo National teams passports and infromation and submitted an official roster.  The real team stayed home a bunch of impostors took the field minutes before the match at which point the entire roster was changed. Natuarly the impostors lost 3-0.

The Togo Federation was shocked to find that the event took place because they never autorized the event and were disapointed to see their country lose 3-0.  They have just figured out that former national team coach Bana Tchanile organized, prepared, and followed up on all proceedings that took place on Septemeber 7th.  He has been suspended four years.  No word yet on where all that money went.  I'd be suprised if he acted alone on all this.  I know little about Africa but I doubt they could be dupped so badly. When not one player was recognized on Togo doesn't that mean something is up.

This takes replacement players to a whole new level.  Can you imagine how prevalent scams like this were before television when you had no real clue who people actually were?  Imagine if an NFL team disguised under their helments played a game in Europe with a college team or an Arena League team.  Do you think they would notice? Would they care?

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