Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goodbye Heisman

One Man... Goodbye Hello Heisman!.  By now you have heard that Reggie Bush has become the first man to give up his Heisman trophy.  He surrendered his Heisman trophy amid public pressure and before he could be stripped of the trophy.  Big deal.

Reggie Bush only needs to go through a few weeks of bad publicity and surrender his Heisman trophy.  Seems like he took alot more from USC, whom he handled satteled with sanctions and bowl bans.  USC may take a few years to recover from the penalties or may even find themselves falling deeper in the pit with Kiffin at the helm.  No matter where you stand on the NCAA paying its players, it's hard to side with Bush here.  He took over 300K from agents he promised to sign with, then didn't sign with them.  Bush was not a starving kid either, he just couldn't wait until his NFL payday.  He is scum and should be treated as such.  His situation is similar to Chris Webber, and I hope USC struggles at least half as hard as Michigan has after sanctions.  Don't worry though, Reggie is going to make things right.

Bush is going to work with the Trustees of the Heisman to establish an educational program in order to educate athletes and assist families to avoid the same mistakes he did.  Hey kids you can go to USC bang mad bitches, get paid, get sweet rides for free, and free Las Vegas hotel rooms.  It' no thang really and the best part is, nothing happens to you when your in the NFL.  Clearly, their needs to be more of a punishment for Bush, who knowingly broke the rules.  Personally, I'd love to see him end up in jail but I'd settle for a professional organization actually helping out an amateur one for once.  You certainly wouldn't expect David Stern to help college basketball, but perhaps heavy handed Goddell could suspend Bush for his actions.  Bottom line is that their is little the NCAA can do to a player they catch after he is a pro and yet it feels so wrong when the only thing they get is negatively publicity for a few weeks.

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