Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celebrity Revenge

We have all seen the show TMZ. It involves a bunch of smug loser reporters going around and hassling big time celebrities.  It's essentially a live-action tabloid.  These insignificant dickweeds with no careers try to bait stars into doing or saying something stupid.  Give me a break.  Meanwhile, all the holier-than-thou viewers sit at home and talk about how they cant believe the particular celebrity victim reacts poorly to punches below the belt.  Typically, these TMZ people seek out celebrities as they are trying to go about their daily business such as shopping, arriving at an airport, going out to eat, etc.  America loves it's also loves to see them in an ugly light whenever possible.  Granted, if an unlikable character like Lindsay Lohan gets a DWI I want that splashed all over the news.  However,  leave people with talent alone.  I don't care what sort of person my favorite actors and athletes are.  Just produce a quality product and I'll love you forever.  Despite what many people think, these stars DO NOT want to be your friend.  They WILL NOT be joining you at the Sizzler for some grub.   So don't begrudge a star if you heard he's cold to fans.  Furthermore, do not try to turn a nice guy into an asshole by hassling him at the supermarket and asking smartass questions.  Is it fair that all us regular folk get to have our privacy?

Imagine if the roles were reversed.  Take the average American family.  Mom and Dad may go to work, the kids go to school and so on.  This particular family lives life it seems.  Privacy is a luxury that is taken for granted.  I propose a show that flips the role of celebrity and common cheesedick.  My idea is to have a show that has celebrities hassling regular people.  Imagine a show in which celebrities tortured common people.  I think the concept would work best with comedic stars since they are more likely to be smug.   Basically, these stars target totally random common folk and exploit them.  They follow them around randomly, egging them on with stupid questions and picture taking.  The show could also have a sister publication that spreads rumors about randomly selected common people targeted for celebrity treatment.  Those selected will be subjected to constant embarassing headlines, loss of privacy, and lots of general harassment. 

Hey, it will never happen.  But its a funny thought.  My other idea is to have the cast of 300 go around kicking the living shit out of TMZ members.

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