Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Puff, Puff, I'll Pass

4:20 has to be one of the dumbest traditions I've heard. Some kids in California supposedly met at 4:20 everyday after school to smoke starting in 1971. I don't buy this story for a second but whatever. Some people like to smoke weed on April 20th to celebrate. Fine, go ahead, I'm not going to stop you. If cigarettes are going to legal I see no reason pot shouldn't be.

I am certainly not a medical expert but I do not believe that weed is a life threatening drug. It may even be less dangerous than alcohol depending on consumption levels and amount of use (way to be non-committal). As far as being a "gateway drug" I say bollocks. If you are willing to try marijuana then your probably more willing to try other drugs. Its not the marijuana that makes you want to try other drugs its that if your willing to try one drug you are probably more willing to try another. Marijuana is probably the easiest drug to obtain so you try it first. The gateway theory is propaganda.

Anti-Drug Ads make me want to do drugs. They are beyond ridiculous and one sided. I bought into the drugs are bad mkay speeches growing up but the only time I'm tempted to try drugs is when watching these commercials.


Seriously, I love TMNT as much as the next guy but that is so lame. People who make these commercials hearts are generally in the right place but they are nuts if they think this works. The idea that pot makes you lazy is bullshit too. I know people that will spend hours a day working out and smoke pot. Its a personal choice, sit there and chill out man or get off you ass and do something. Don't blame the weed.

Drugs are sold be gangs, illegals, and regular joes. People have already made up their minds whether they will use drugs or not based on the information known. I'd love to see all drugs go away but I'm a realest. Your not going to change their minds. They are going to get these drugs legal or not. Let's make it legal and tax the shit out of it. Keep it out of public places so no innocent people are effected. Make weed just like cigarettes. If you want to high that's your decision. You don't need the government telling you what to do with your own body.

I don't smoke because its not my thing and it doesn't interest me. Maybe I take some sick pleasure in being able to stubbornly say no all these years. That doesn't make me right, so light up if thats your choice.

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