Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Like A Da YouTubes

Ever get lost on YouTube and end up spending an embarrassing amount of time surfing from video to video? It's OK, you can admit it. In fact, there may be something wrong with you never have. In the first of a new department of posts, I'll save you some time and give you a few videos guaranteed to be a worthwhile watch.

This first one I discovered a few years ago and have been touting ever since, somehow without it getting old. You can't watch this without laughing.

This next one came out a year or so ago and features former Yankee center fielder Melky Cabrera drunk in a hotel room with adult film star Mary Carey behind the camera. For those who aren't too quick on the uptake, the Melk Man's priceless "I like a da woman!" at 1:16 is the inspiration for the title of this series.

The final video for today is from Season One of The Wire. If you've never seen the show, don't worry, I purposely chose a video with no spoilers. This scene, with D'Angelo showing his crew members Wallace and Bodie how to play chess, catches the series in a nutshell. Watch this one, and then go watch the entire series.

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