Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still In Frame

She is on your mind whether you cared about her or not. The girls that you bang or blow your chance with can haunt you. It doesn't even matter if you found the next one, there is always "what if" or man it would be great to see that rack again. The girls we let go, or the ones that let go of us, remain on your mind. It's not baggage, but rather a memory. 

We've all had girls that we cared deeply about at one time or another.  They are a part of your past and experienced your maturation as a person.  You may regret breaking up with them, you may not, but either way they will slip into your mind.  Then there are the girls that you didn't really care about but had enough fun with to hang out with a few times.  She resurfaces because she does something really well.  Either she does that thing with her tounge, but you can't bring her home to your parents or she's increadibly cool but your not that into her. Finally there is the one that got away.

She liked you but you were in a relationship at the time. You liked her but were too chicken to make your move. She was in a relationship and came onto you but your morals stepped in the way (pussy), or whatever other reason.  These issues are likely to foster a crush on the other individual for quite some time.  We want what we can't have.  We torture ourselves over a chance to atone for the missed opportunity.  Whether its your objective to just to get in there, or whether its to sign a multi-year deal, it remains on your mind.  She stays in frame. 

The thoughts are hard to let go because its hard to keep your thoughts on just one person.  You find some flaws with the one your with.  You wonder what Stacy is up to because she never complained about you watching sports.  Or you think man is Kelly great, but the sex was better with Lauren. It's natural because its hard to focus on one person.  And its even harder to completely let go of the past.

The bottom line is she's gone.  Let it go and enjoy what you have now.   It's easier to give your own advice than follow it though.

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