Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Musings: Is This Heaven?

Alabama Fans are still nuts.  This is confirmed to not be an April Fool's joke.  An Alabama couple officially named their kid Crimson Tide Redd.  What if he hates his mom and dad and goes to Auburn.  That would be insane.  Not so insane anymore: me for desperately trying to manipulate my child's first words to be Go Blue!

Sundae in a Real Helmet.  Toldeo Mudhens are offering a 15 scoop sundae in a real batting helmet.  Your days of eating out of the mini helmet are over.  Think of it as a helmet sundae on steriods.  I'm semi curious to see if I could pull off this stunt.  I'd regret it either way in the aftermath.

Sophmoric Humor.  Yes Michigan is following Cox closely this spring.  Cox is a rising star on the Michigan Wolverines.  Cox is said to be elevating the depth chart.  Anyways I wonder if this was intentional or not.  I'm guessing yes.

On a personal note, Sheraton is now offering free internet in the rooms of platinum members. Now as a platinum member myself, this could have been useful when I was traveling for 3 months straight.  I could have saved alot of my per diem instead of using it on PPV porn.

UCONN'S perfect ending wasn't flawless.  We don't pretend to have perfect grammar around here but this is awful headline that is contradictory.  One guess as to what website wrote this*.

Reliving the Past.  You may have seen this but I thought it was increadiably cool.  A state championship hockey game was cancelled 20 years ago due to a measels outbreak.  The game wasn't made up until recently when people who hadn't played the game in years decided they wanted some closure.  The teams trained at 5:45 AM before work for months and pumped everything they had in a chance to play again.  You should really read this story if you have every played a sport.
I would practice for a couple of months to play one game with my teamates again. Imagine if you had one more chance to put in the time and effort required, knowing how much you loved the sport. I'm betting you would play every play as if it were your last again.


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