Wednesday, April 28, 2010

U2 No Longer Sucks

I used to find U2's music unbearable. It was played out on the radio and generally pretty awful. 4 Years ago right around this time I stopped watching wrestling on a daily basis and picked up soccer as my new filler in between college football and basketball season. I became consumed with the World Cup and the ads ESPN ran with U2 had me loving their ads and gasp enjoying their music(in the commercials anyways). No longer did I cringe and change the station on my radio when U2 came on.

It's funny how you can place just about any song and connected it to a good memory it makes you appreciate the music. You identify something positive with the music and therefore like the song. Phillies fans have "High Hopes," a song that without the late Harry Kalas would be either annoying or meaningless. On the flipside when Phillies fan's here "Empire State of Mind" they think of the World Series and the loss to the Yankees. When the lyrics "in New York" come up you think "Fuck New York." So it's amazing how songs you might normally hate or love are attached to memories or emotions that change your opinion of the music.

In no other scenario could this song fire me up beyond belief. It's a perfect video representing what Michigan Football has gone through. Didn't work out so well this year either.

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  1. I personally think U2 sucks even more now that their music is heavily associated with the World Cup.