Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guilt Trip of the Year: Avatar

Americans are bad, bad, bad people. Shame on us for just about eveything we do in our conscious lives. We're bad because we like baseball, build things out of plastic, advance our culture, and mow our lawns. Capitalism is the devil. The citizens of the United States should abandon the lives they know, quit their jobs, stop all production, and move into the trees. It's wrong to accumulate wealth and live in comfort. Do not bother seeing James Cameron's glorified cartoon feature "Avatar". I just saved whoever read the above paragraph 2 plus hours of green-happy Hippy bullshit.

I will not go on and on about my disdain for excessive use of computerized graphics in cinema. All I will say is that Avatar is a monument to the abuse of CGI and the death o true filmmaking.

Avatar went overboard with the incrimination of free enterprise as the culprit of all the worlds problems, painted the US military as bloodlusting savages, and frankly did nothing in terms of plot. I believe in recycling paper and aluminum, but recycled storylines don't do much for society. Avatar was merely a fusion of Dances With Wolves and Return of the Jedi. Sorry Avatar, you don't fool me.

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