Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Like A Da YouTubes, Volume IV

This is what you do when you're outside shoveling snow and your iPod battery dies and you have no choice but to come back inside and charge it. Hope you enjoy.

I caught wind of this one a few weeks ago. Men and women alike will find this funny as hell.

Many of you have seen this before and may even remember it making Sportscenter back in 1994 when it happened. It's an unbelievable comeback in a Texas high school state championship game, only to be followed by...well, you'll find out.

I came across the last video for this installment about a month or so ago. Some of my favorite finds on YouTube are great moments in sporting events filmed from a person's seat. They're fairly prevalent now with the rise in phone-camera quality, but back in 2001 that wasn't the case. We've all seen the famous Derek Jeter flip play in Oakland a million times, but starting around the 1:00 mark, here's a look at the play from seats right behind the action.

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