Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NFL Wonderlic Test

I got this idea from the MZone's Wonderlic Test

In my attempt to appeal to the audience that watches the NFL more frequently, I have created at NFL Wonderlic for future NFL Draft prospects to study from. Roger Goodell has been stepping up the punishments so a great deal of questions revolve around his new enforcement.

1. You get caught video taping your opponents practice, what are the consequences?

A. You get fined $50,000 because you didn't actually use the tape
B. Suspended for 1 game
C. You have to coach from the press box
D. You wear over sized hoodies with cut off sleeves and are immune to punishment

2. Which of the numbers in the group is the largest?

A. 12 x 6 x 9
B. 723+25-213
C. Rex Ryan's Cholesterol Level
D. 527

3. You spend were involved in a dog fighting ring and were responsible for killing dogs.  How quickly will Eagles fans forgive you?

A. As soon as you sign with them
B. After you score your first touchdown
C. You never had to apologize
D. When you become the starting QB

4. If you watch a Brett Farve game on TV, which adjective will be used the most to describe him?

A. Legend
B. Tough
C. Sexter

5. How many relevant games will the NFL Network broadcast per year?

A. All are relevant silly
B. 1, but only if you team is playing
C. Do replays of games count?

6. Who will spend more time in jail, a man who drunkenly killed a man with his car, or a man who accidentally shot himself in the thigh?

7. You're watching NFL Today on CBS, how long before Shannon Sharpe puts a sentence together?

A. Within 5 minutes of the start of the show
B. By the Picks segment
C. Before the end of the show
D. Has he ever put a sentence together?

8. If you watch ESPN Monday Night football, how many times will a John Gruden comment be proven wrong by replay?

A. 2
B. 0
C. 5
D. 7

9. If you are drafted by the Washington Redskins, what will the amount of your first check be?

B. 15,000
C. 250,000
D. Fill in the Blank, write the amount you feel you deserve

10.  The Lions are projected to make the post season by the main stream media.  How long until those dreams are dashed?

A. Week 1, Screwed out of victory
B. Week 3, QB out for season
C. Week 15, not good enough
D. Barry Sanders walks through that door, Wild Card!

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  1. If these are the questions I think I can beat Vince Young's 6