Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Build It Right

I received the Ipod Shuffle this past Christmas. Great product.  It's small, simple to operate, and delivers music to my ears as I exercise.  If I wanted to walk around the city in my skinny jeans and natural fibers shirt, I could also employ my Ipod Shuffle.  However, I did encounter one issue, and it has spurred this post.  The headphones are NOT built to last.  They are built to work for a few months until they crap out and it costs John Q. Consumer $30 to get new ones.  The problem is the clicker on the wire that controls the volume, stop/pause, FF/REW, and so on is as flimsy as can be.  Christmas morning when I opened up my Ipod and played with it, it became immediately apparent to me that the clicker is built to break.  That pisses me off.  It's no secret that consumer products are built to break.  But make an effort, those Shuffle headphones are so poorly built.  And $30 for a new pair??? GET REAL!  A whole new Shuffle with headphones and all is only $60.  Just because were consumers, DOESN"T MEAN WE'RE SAPS!!!! Tonight I was forced to purchase new headphones for my shuffle.  There was not a Ralph's nearby.


  1. Ebay is your friend. $5 stock up for next time. is great too. Don't pay retail. Alas you are right i have ran through about 5 pairs of headphones in 4 years. I ditched the ipod iphones because they suck.

  2. Most run-of-the-mill headphones are compatible anyway. I stepped on and broke the headphones that came with my iPod a few years ago and got a random-brand replacement pair for like 8 bucks, although it would have been 40 bucks for the Apple headphones that do the same thing.