Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Would You Do if You Found 3 Tickets?

I'm in One Liberty Place today working at (name redacted).  In an effort to kill some time at work I proceeded to the rest room.  I spotted 3 tickets face down on the floor with a 10% off model's on the back.  Naturally I assumed someone was too lazy to throw the used tickets away.  I paused for a second, then said what the hell maybe they are for a future game.  I picked the tickets up and turned them over to notice a July 9th date and Jayson Werth's picture on the ticket.  I thought for a second wait, what day is today.  My wildest thoughts were realized when it occurred to me the tickets were still valid.

Ok so what do I do? What would you do?

My gut reaction said return the tickets.  But how?  I don't really know anyone who works here and all I could think of was give them to the secretary.  That wasn't really comforting because someone who never had the tickets in their sights could steal the purse. 

I texted a reader of the blog a photo of the tickets and explained the situation.  He said that it was a once in a lifetime situation and didn't know what to do.  I was hoping for a more definitive answer as I was sorta on the fence.  I was hoping for the little devil to speak into my ear.

Would it change your mind if I told you the seats were lower level and 3 rows back? 

I would easily get away with using the tickets.  But what if this person got access to the game and remembered exactly where he would have been sitting.  Was he a season ticket holder? I'd have to sell the tickets to be safe.

How did the tickets end up face down in the men's room to begin with?  It seems quite strange that someone could lose the tickets in the bathroom and not know it.  Where could they have been stored to fall out?

Alas a CCD education won out and I returned the tickets to the secretary who said she would send out a vague email.  It wasn't too comforting a feeling though because I can't be sure what she put in that email. 

The tickets were scooped up in less than 10 minutes I was told but I have not yet met the thankful party.  I must say that I'm disappointed that they weren't made aware of who returned the tickets.  The least I could get is a sincere thank you and a belief that I gave the tickets back to the original owner.  O well at least one one the more attractive females at this company got wind of this. One more day to close the deal.

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