Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh Sh*t Moments at the Bar

Your hanging out with your friends at the bar and meet a girl.  The conversation is going real smooth and the girl seems great.  She is cute, has a good job, and seems to have a good personality.  Then it happens.  Dave Matthews is played in the bar and her eyes light up.  "I love this song!" She jumps up and down and the notices your lack of excitement.  "What you don't like Dave?"

If I loved music like I love sports this would be a dealbreaker for me.  Because it isn't, I can muster to say, "He's alright."  The problem is my face looks like someone has just kicked me in the nuts.  She can see right through to my true feelings.  Suddenly the momentum you two have been building reaches a screeching halt, "Cliffhangers on the Price is Right Style."

Somehow Dave Matthews has inflitrated youth in this society and has been deemed socially acceptable music in all venues.  If this moment happens to you go grab a beer and reset.  You can move past this.  Many people who listen to Dave Matthews do it because they want to fit in.  This is probably the case in this situation as well.  Pick up the pieces and save the night.


  1. They want. to. fit. in. Nice reference.

  2. Other "Oh Shit" moments include finding out she was in a sorority or is a bartender