Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Calling Bull$hit

Bob Huggins broke 7 ribs.

Huggins, 56, was in his Las Vegas hotel room packing to leave for the airport Friday when he tripped on "something" on the floor and slammed into the coffee table. 

Let's take a guess as to what that "something" might be.
Was it (to be read in Keith Jackson voice)...
A) $160,000 to use to sway kids to come to West Virginia
B) 5-2 110 lbs platinum blond haired hooker with double D's
C) His Vomit of Bankers Club Vodka and Mountain Dew.
D) DeSean Butler

If you answered D then you win and get to have Billy Hann's job. 

Huggins has a history of alcohol related issues including a DUI and I would not at all be surprised if he fell ala Chris Farley on a coffee table, but I'd bet he was drunk when he did it.  All in all, no one really cares because it doesn't affect his ability to perform his job like it would an athletes.  Mostly, it is just humorous because he has no reason to tell the truth and we can only imagine what really happened.  Bottom line is, as always you cannot trust this man

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