Thursday, July 8, 2010

Will Lebron Turn Heel?

Lebron James "Decision" is tonight at 9.  Everyone has been fawning over him.  Will he sign with us?  Lebron loves every part of this and created this by himself.  He never had the press conference to decide between UNC, OSU, Kansas, and Memphis.  Everyone knew he was going to the NBA and he was going to go #1.  So this is Lebron's chance to act like a kid have 4 different hats lined up and put on a show.  Except instead of 50,000 Michigan fans crashing MGOBlog at 2 PM on a work day on the decision of a 17 year kid,  Millions will be tuning in, in primetime, on some network.  I don't know what Lebron is going to do.  I do know that he is playing with you all, and loving every second of it.  Who could blame him? 

Speculation of his decision has dominated the airwaves even prior to the Cavs elimination.  Its not just sports talk either, Lebron was on Larry King, and has been on discussed on all morning and nightly news shows.  Today he has the worlds attention, and when given so much power he would like to take you for a ride.  He has made a decison.  You and I do not know what it is.  Reports of him doing the TV special in Greenwhich, Connecticut had people thinking Knicks.  His close personal friends say he won't leave Cleveland.  Today reports having him joining Miami creating a Big 3 of epic proportions.  In news cycles moving as quick as this misreporting reaches its peak so don't really believe anything until you hear it from Lebron.  In a day an age where there are few surprises its actually refreshing seeing people guessing this late until the end.  I hope we are truly surprised when he finally announces.

If  Lebron does leave Cleveland it will feel something like this for the city.

I hoped you watched the clip, because its the reason I did this post (I recommend the extended clip for further similarities) .  Millions of little kids had their world's rocked when their hero became a villian.  Hogan had been the reason so many kids feel in love with wrestling, and he was an American hero until he turned on his fans.  Everything they believed in was turned upside down in one of the most shocking moments in wrestling history. 

Lebron can have a similar effect.  He has meant everything to city.  He is home grown and in his prime.  Yet he has not delivered on what must have felt like Manifest Destiny (God given right) to the suffering city of Cleveland.  If he leaves Cleveland without ever winning a title and delivering on what once seemed like certainty he can probably never go back home. Hogan would return to his roots nearly 6 years later and become good again but something tells me Lebron can never make things right if he leaves.

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