Friday, July 23, 2010

Dusting off the Nintendo

Tecmo Super Bowl
Played it first at a neighbors house and was constantly visting to play the game.  I didn't have a NES system at the time.  When Sega Genesis came out I inherited my Unlce's NES system and held it past the turn of the century. I rented Tecmo Super Bowl muliple times at RX place until I got it for Christmas a couple years later when NES games were barely made anymore.

I think there were 4 running plays and 4 passing plays per side per side although maybe it was 5 each.  I remember how easy it was to block extra points by going straight down the middle and you couldn't go for 2 in these days.

Who could forget the best player in the game and a major reason why I am a Raiders fan.

Bo Jackson Baseball-  Many people liked RBI, Bases Loaded, or some legends game I recall but I played this.  Bo Jackson was the only true liscened player in the game and he would hit a home run like 1-3.5 ABs it was cool. The fake names were done well enough to realize who each person was.  Dykstra was Nailz, Cal Ripken was KenRip. 

Zelda- Your mission was to collect the Triforce of wisdom in this Zelda original.  This series actually lives on to this day.  It was my main non sports game that I played along with another further down the page.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Some of the turtles games sucked but this acarde version was a blast to play with friends.  I always swore you could catch Shreder in level 1 but alas its impossible.  The game is remembered so foundly by me I forked over $5 bucks on XBox Live to buy the repacked version of this game.  

One thing that I realize from doing this list is how lucky we are to have memory cards, hard drive and the internet instead of writing down passwords on the pack of the intrustion manual.

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