Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 for Saturday

The Bama post is coming when I have more time.  4-1 last week.  16-8-1 for the season.  All games are Saturday.

Michigan State @ Michigan (-5)  3:30 ABC

Kinda wish I was going to this but I need to save up for @ PSU (If any reader has tickets they are selling, let me know) and @ OSU later in the year.  Anyways both teams are undefeated taking this in state rivarly game up a notch.  Alot can happen in this one and it feels like a toss up but on a coin flip I'll go with Michigan at home to beat Sparty and avoid losing three straight to them. 

Alabama @ South Carolina (+7.5) 3:30 CBS

Bama staked their claim as #1 team last week, but that was last week.  South Carolina was off last week and had more time to prepare.  They also need this one really bad if they are going to get to SEC title game.  South Carolina has a puncher's chance if they can get going offensively because the defense should be able to contain Bama.  I'll take the Gamecocks to cover in a game that I would be surprised if either team reached 30 points.  This feels like a late touchdown or field goal escape for Bama.

 LSU @ Florida (-7) 7:30 ESPN

I don't think either of these teams are worthy of being in the top 15.  You could make a case that this could be a dogfight but I think LSU's luck has run out after last week.

USC @ Stanford (-8) 8 PM ABC/ Gameplan /FSN

Who thinks the post game handshake is going to akward?  Harbaugh will go for 2 if he has to in order to cover the spread.  

Florida State @ Miami (-6.5) 8 PM ABC/ Gameplan

The only prediction I have is a sloppy game.  These two have played close ones with each other but its been awhile since either were great. Tickets are still available.

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