Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bedtime Stories with Chris Wheeler

Hi kids! The kids collectively groan, not yet smart enough to realize Chris Wheeler (better known as Wheels) shouldn't be in their room to begin with.  Would you like me to tell you a bedtime story?  The kids are puzzled and say "but we were asleep already Mr. Wheeler."  Wheeler convinces the kids it will be fun and they reluctantly agree.

There once was an evil man with wagon spoke (Alfonso Soriano) and he hit alot of home runs.  "Mr Wheeler we don't like baseball."  Kid I don't know any other stories my life revolves around baseball, trust me it will be good.

The man with the wagon spoke would swing at just about every pitch and with his big bat he had an unfair advantage against pitchers. When the ball came into his happy zone he would do bad things. "Mr. Wheeler, where is the happy zone?" It's about belt high middle in.  The kid points to his waist where his belt normally goes when he attends church.  "Right here?" Actually its a little lower than that, here let me show you.

The door flies open and the kids mother walks into the room as Chris Wheeler ahem adjusts himself and heads for the window.

Stay tuned for more exciting stories of Chris Wheeler's life outside of the booth.

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