Tuesday, June 8, 2010

911 Calls Shouldn't Be Public

This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.  You have certainly heard a version of that phrase before. It typically applies to customer service departments but also to 911 calls.  And it should.  What shouldn't be legal is the public release of these 911 calls. These calls need to kept private in almost all circumstances.  Exceptions for releasing 911 calls would be in the courtroom or identifying a unknown voice (Ala Zodiac). 

Normally I wouldn't even know about this call but its been all over the radio.  Gary Coleman's ex wife, Shannon Price can be heard on this call seemingly showing little effort to help Coleman. Now she has a media firestorm on her hands and a rush to judge before police have fully investigated the matter.

Somethings should remain private and you can argue that I shouldn't have posted this if its indeed the way I feel.  However, the large issue is that 911 calls and autopsy photos shouldn't get leaked to the public out of respect for the deceased and the surving members.  Can we at least have some privacy in this age of technology?

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