Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Country Music

Another good reason to not like facebook, practically everyone's music section reads something like this:  I'm into ANYTHING but coutry.  I understand that there is a regional/cultural gap that exists in this area because we all grew up listening to Dave Matthews and other weak crap.  Country is better than you think.  It's simple, often tells a story, and doesn't do too much.  For the most part, it's actual music, not some electronic mish mosh concocted in some studio with a soundboard.  The artists are talented (it's not a beauty contest), it's easy listening, and it's not angry.  However, I do see why some people dislike certain country.  The way I see it, there are two types of country music: happy and sad.  I much prefer the latter.

Although I do not drive a pick up or shoot animals with guns for fun, I enjoy a rambunctious country jam about beers and women.  That works fine for me when I'm in the mood for a good time song.  It's good music to have on in the background when you're hanging out.  On the other hand, dumpy sad country music I do not go for.  Why the hell do I want to hear someone sing about their Daddy going to heaven and dog getting hit by a car?  I listen to music to feel good, I don't need the emotional baggage.  Write more songs about bonfires, fishing, beer, and such.  It's worthwhile music, and people need to be more open to it.

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  1. "My daddy, my daddy used to say, 'blah-blah-da-blah-blah-da-blahdablablap, blah-dablah-da-blah-da-blahdablablap!'" Well, wasn't that fuckin enlightening?