Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Worst Casting in Movies

When I looked up at the billboard I didn't notice anything strange about Prince of Persia.  Then when I saw Jake Gyllenhaal was the star I did a double take.  How about casting someone that is a better fit for the role?  Maybe someone who is actually Persian? Perhaps that's just too much to ask from Hollywood but apparently we are supposed to believe that Gyllenhaal is a Persian who is a great warrior in great shape.  I don't buy it for a second.  The long hair, the supposedly muscular, Persian, Gyllenhaal is an insult to even those who enjoy movies such as Sex in the City 2.

Colin Farrell in Alexander
First of all Colin Farrell is Irish. Alexander the Great was a Macedonian.  Second of all he has a reputation of being a ladies man, Alexander the Great is considered a mans man....especially in a sense that he likes dudes.  Alexander the Great was a blood thirsty tactical genius.  I'm not buying Colin Farrell as a tactical genius nor blood thirsty because I subjected myself to two of his awful movies (Swat and Phone Booth). 

Tom Cruise in Last Samurai
Tom Cruise might be slightly insane, but surely he can't believe he can pass for a Samurai.  The plot of the film is ridiculous.  Somehow Tom Cruise goes from an American Soldier to a Samurai and tries to transform into an Asian sword wielder. Maybe this is more of a bad movie than a bad casting decision but neither is plausible.

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  1. I like the last Samurai out of all three mentioned. Storyline wise, musical score, action and casting of the characters. Actually more believable.