Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If I Did It

I didn't and I won't but lets just say if I got a tattoo I have an idea of what I would get. John has touched on the forearm tattoos before but I'm expanding with a twist.

1. American Flag over the heart or on the arm.  This is true redneck stuff right here.  As has been displayed several times in this blog, I am passionate about the United States.  This tattoo would signify my resistance to move to Canada should a draft ensue.

2. M Block.  The Michigan logo to the leapers.  Heart or arm again.

3. Some type of affliction manequer (spelling?).  This is going to sound retarded but after getting caught in the rain while wearing an affliction shirt I changed shirts upon returning to the dorm and there was an faint imprint of affliction across my chest and I thought it looked cool.  If I were a fighter I might do this if Affliction paid me otherwise no thanks.

4. Rage Cage across the knuckles.  Again I'm not a fighter so what would be the point.  Nothing screams professional like a tattoo on your hands.

I don't understand why people feel the need to get tattoos.  For those that want to have strong beliefs or a memoriam to a fallen person I'm not going to criticize you.  I am going to say, I don't get it.  Is there not other ways you can carry out your beliefs or honor the fallen.  Personally the last thing I would want is to be tattoo on someones arm.  Thanks for thinking of me and all but that tattoo was not necessary.

Maybe its a cultural thing or class thing, but there are certainly people into tattoos and against tattoos.  I fall in the latter.  Personally its a turn off to see tattoos on the opposite sex. I think most tattoos look trashy, especially if its a poorly done design that seems as if you walked in, looked at a book and said yea I'll take that one.  No thought behind it makes it worse for me.  I don't get the cute little butterfly or flower either but i suppose its a minor issue.  The gym can do far more for you than painting your skin.

Tattoos are screaming look at me.  Ask me about my tattoos.  They seem to me to be self absorbed.  Please just stop, especially if your not trying to sell an image for your career.  People are so concerned about the perceptions of themselves that they feel a need to stamp themselves so you look at them or know something about them immediately.

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