Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Please See Doctor Jack: Nancy Grace

I have been looking for a proper way to debut this new series. Nancy Grace is possibly the worst talking head on television and that is saying something. She hosts a nightly show on CNN titled "Nancy Grace." My first memory of Nancy was during the breaking of the Duke Lacrosse scandal. She vehemently declared that the accused were guilty, which we know now is untrue. She commented that only 8% of rape cases were found untrue and the fact that they were charged made them as good as guilty. Night after night she dragged the poor kids through the mud and refused to listen to anyone with a differing opinion. Girl accusing rape doesn't make automatically condemn the accuser. Innocent until proven guilty Nancy. Duke winning the Lax title Monday reminded me that I needed to blast this bitch. When I did some farther digging into her past I found even more dirt.

Before landing a job at CNN, she was a Prosecutor in Georgia. She was cited numerous times for improper conduct in the courtroom including withholding evidence. Apparently her lack of ethics makes her qualified to pass judgement on TV.

Journalists and Television personalities need to have accountability if they are wrong. The least they can do is admit they are wrong and apologize. People don't forget. Nancy Grace is above this standard though. She failed to acknowledge that she was wrong about the Duke Lacrosse scandal and even failed to appear on her own show the day after charges were dropped. She has power to influence public opinion on her show but is irresponsible time and time again.

Nancy Grace has an agenda and prays on the destitute for ratings. She tries to act like a caring mother but she's really a bitch hellbent on profiting off the tears of others. Elizabeth Smart is a woman who has more strength than me but even she can't tolerate Nancy Grace.

This is yet another example of her complete disregard for the feelings of others.  It's all about pushing buttons and getting the story.  Sometimes there actually are questions you shouldn't ask out of respect for others.

It's a bad sign when your subordinates don't respect you and will go through great lengths to screw you over.  Can you imagine how she behaves off the air?

Please visit because apparently I'm not the only one who wants her off the air.

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  1. I cannot watch the news, especially talking head crap from a frigid bitch like this