Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jersey... Sure

To the creators of Jersey Shore, I hate you. Its bad enough with the reputation of Philadelphia fans but when I run into people from other parts of the country I'm sure to get a Jersey Shore comment.  Yes, they are ignorant for believing that everyone from Jersey is Guido douche bag but I still rather not listen to bashing of the state and local area.  Television creators fail to realize there impact on people's perceptions of us.  I'm tired of it. 

People in foreign countries think American life is like the OC and Americans lack values.  Maybe some but do lack values but certainly not all.  In a matter public opinion, perception can become reality.

Jersey Shore is a show I finally had the displeasure of viewing recently and it wasn't much different than I expected.  In this area we all know people who act like characters in the show but they are also a little over the top.  "The Situation" are you kidding me?  Id imagine that Guidos are thinking the characters are a bit much.  I guess that's what you get when you put a camera on retards and tell them they are going to be on TV. 

Seaside Heights was the shore that my family went to growing up until about the age of 10.  The last of our regular trips occurred when on our way home we drove by a bar that featured a full on fist fight in the streets with broken beer bottles and a crowd.  It was quite a scene for a youngster to see and my Mom said we weren't coming back. So I have been back only been back about once a year since.  I have an idea of what goes on at Seaside Heights and certainly A.C. where the cast was going in the episode I saw.  MTV produces garbage television that appeals to teenage girls I get it.  However the success of Jersey Shore has transcended to the casual viewer. This is where the problem rises and the ignorant remarks about Jersey run rampant.  I suppose other states and areas deal with stereotypes too but I doubt its as bad as our area is bashed.  O well, maybe I should get over it and just stop conversing with people that cannot think for themselves and consider MTV entertaining.

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