Monday, June 7, 2010

The Joys of Clutter

I simply cannot be bothered with certain things.  Constantly organizing my surroundings is one of them.  I will never understand the neat-freak mentality.  I understand organizing your house before company arrives, or making your workspace presentable.  Look clean, sell clean.  I get it.  However, why organize a space that will pretty much never be seen by anyone except yourself?  For example, my bedroom has quite a bit of clutter.  However, I know precisely where everything is.  The map of my clutter is thoroughly laid out in my head.  I can see it.  When an outside party attempts to intrude upon my space and rearrange things...all is lost.  Clutter is a sign of intelligence because the clutterer is mentally aware of all his posessions through the use of mental notes.  Furthermore, I feel those who excessively organize and label everythng are compensating for something.  Can you really not remember where you put things?  I think some people would label their left and right shoe if they could. 

First of all, do NOT attempt to organize or clean my area.  I do not need the help of outside parties to keep my space organized.  My living and work space may appear to be a mess to the untrained eye, but I know exactly where everything is, and I am the only one that needs to know where everything is.  Whenever I find that my space has been tampered with in an effort to make it conform to the norm of organization, stuff gets misplaced, and all my work ruined. 

I don't make my bed.  Actually, YES I do.  I make it EVERY DAY....right before I get in it.  Why on God's green Earth would I make my bed in the morning???  I don't get in the damn thing until 15-18 hours later, why would I waste the precious 30 seconds in the morning when I could be on the sofa scratching my balls while watching SportsCenter???  WHY??????  I will never be sold on making my bed in the morning.

Furthermore, who needs the anxiety of maintaining all that organization?? I would much rather focus elsewhere.  I will not look at a life of achievement and wonder if I could have been more organized.

My advice to everyone is to relax the excessive organization, and focus more on bettering yourself in more practical areas of your life. 


  1. Its kind of like people who refuse to do a math problem in their head. When they are without a calculator they can't add 84 and 62.

  2. Hahaha thank you Bad Example Guy