Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Late Late Show with Landon Donovan

Soccer is a boring sport.  I don't know why anyone watches it.  I'd rather see back and forth scoring its far more exciting and holds my attention. 

Allow me to welcome you to the high drama of soccer America.  This is why we watch.  Rare moments like this happen in the sport to change the result in an instant more frequently than any other sport.  1-0 can indeed be exciting. The U.S. are going through as group C winners.  They were minutes from heading home.

Allow me to further my point of playing these matches at the same time instead of waiting until Sunday Night Football on NBC to decide the last team in the playoff.  England-Slovenia, U.S.A.- Algeria were played at the same time with two of the four teams set to advance. England scored an early goal so the United States knew a draw would send them home.  In the closing moments of Slovenia's match they were still pressing for a goal but were set to go through if the U.S. failed to score.  The final whistle blew in Slovenia's match almost simultaneously with Landon Donovan's goal.  Martin Tyler proclaimed at the final whistle of the Slovenia-England match "Well we know England are through, we don't yet know about Slovenia....Now I am getting word that Donovan has scored for the Americans, and Slovenia are on their way out." That is far from boring.

ED:  Lou, I hope you realize this isn't a swipe at you.

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  1. I get that this isn't a swipe at me, and I actually like the fact that these fate-deciding games are all played simultaneously. But unless the US makes a run deeper than anyone expects in the coming rounds, I give it the rest of the calendar year (at best) until this "high drama of soccer America" evaporates from the consciousness of the vast majority of our country. And Kevin, that is not a swipe at you either.