Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kill This Character

There are TV shows you have seen that have that one annoying character that detracts from the show.  The following is a list of TV characters in TV shows that should or should have been killed off.

Berta- Two and a Half Men
The fat old house keeper seems to try too hard to always make a mean spirited joke.  She can occasionally make a funny joke, but mostly she is obnoxious and the show would be better if she left.

Phoebe- Friends
You have seen the show even if you don't like it.  She is slightly more tolerable in later episodes when she is not playing the dumb character.  Her cluelessness is over the top and she is in her own world far too often.  It is actually not even believable that she is "friends" with the other characters.

Dom- Entourage
Dom plays the gangs old friend from Queens.  He was so obnoxious that even though his contract was not up his character was removed.  Fans were so put off by his character that his run was cut short.

Shauna - Entourage
Vince's publicist is a bitch to everyone on the show except Vince.  She constantly curses like New York truck driver and adds little to the show. Normally, I wouldn't complain about a female cursing but it makes her as unattractive on the inside as she is on the outside.

Buster- Arrested Development
He is the definition of a Momma's boy.  His character goes a little too far with the wimp act and his character doesn't really pick up until he meets the seal.

Izzie- Grey's Anatomy
Obviously not a fan of the show but I have been objected to it.  The sole reason I hate Katherine Heigl is this show. 

Kimmy- Full House
Ok the show clearly sucks now but I watched every episode as a little guy.  Kimmy always bothered me and you'll be happy to know she didn't find anywork after the show.

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