Monday, June 21, 2010

A Love Story

The following story takes places in the 1960s.

Rachel and Kyle were high school sweet hearts in a small town just outside of Lock Haven.  Rachel was able to get into her dream school Carnegie Mellon while Kyle did not have the grades to justify his parents sending him to a college.  Kyle wished Rachel the best and promised to visit her whenever he could.  He remained working on his father's farm instead of trying to pursue a degree.  Kyle and Rachel saw each other nearly every weekend throughout Rachel's college career when they made the 3 hour train ride to see each other.

Rachel was getting ready to graduate in a few months and the two were preparing to get married and move to Pittsburgh when suddenly Kyle's dad passed away.  Kyle was now expected to stay home and keep the farm running.  He was not happy about this and was cursing the death of his dad and his misfortune.  Rachel agreed that she would move back home when she graduated in a few months. Kyle purchased some more property with his inheritance money so Rachel and him could start a family.  Little did Kyle know that oil would be found on the property and his fortune would change.

Kyle made $3 million dollars as a result of the discovery of oil and was set to surprise Rachel with the news on his visit later that day.  He couldn't wait to tell her that she could stay in Pittsburgh as she had dreamed and they could take care of their families as well as start a new one with all the extra money.  Rachel was set to graduate in a couple of weeks and it would be Kyle's last visit out before he made Pittsburgh his permanent home. 

Rachel was waiting at the train station for his usual 7:52 P.M. arrival but amid all the paperwork Kyle had to close on the property he missed his usual train.  Kyle was scheduled to arrive an hour later but was unable to get a hold of Rachel before he left.  The train station was poorly lit and Rachel was becoming concerned because Kyle never missed his train but decided to wait for the next one.  Rachel was raped and murdered in the extra hour that she waited for the next train.  The assailant was never found. 

WAIT. You call that a love story!

Kyle was obviously devastated by the loss of his true love.  Kyle let the police handle most of the investigation but provided all the help he could.  He was not hellbent on vengeance because he knew it wouldn't bring her back.  Kyle spent the week at Rachel's residence and slept in her bed that still smelled like her.  He shared stories with her roommates as they consoled each other.  After a week he returned home by the very same train station his love was murdered at.  After spending a week at the farm and not knowing what else to do rode the train again as if he was going to see Rachel as usual.  He decided to donate flood lights and surveillance cameras to the train station where Rachel was murdered hoping to avoid a similar fate for anyone else.  He then continued to ride the train and share stories about Rachel with anyone on the train that was willing to listen.  Kyle would continue to ride the train every other weekend (for free of course after his generous donation) until the day he died. For Kyle this was how he could express love for someone he could no longer see.

This story is heavily based off a deleted scene in Chasing Amy.

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